Monday, January 16, 2017

From Antiquated Ideology, To Expressive Individuality

        Rites and rituals, they seem to all be gone. Or maybe not gone but have become so construed by our society that the essence of what they are has been cast by the way side. Maybe there are some that see things the way I do, but I do know I want change. I can even see its latent course beckoning for awareness. But I feel as though the dogmatic fight me because they themselves are afraid of the change. Time changes everything. To fight it just means you prolong the inevitable.  And I feel put in the dark because of your antiquated perceptions of grandeur that fell by the way side as soon as I realized religion was not all that it was told me to be. I felt put in the dark when I realized that our politics were a giant fucking game that the corruption of which only  hurts people on every level. I felt put in the dark when I realized I was utterly alone in fighting this abhorrent war between freedom of mind, thought, expression and the condescending energy snuffing vampires of the known world order. It is not hard to see. One just needs to slightly open the mind and entertain the notion of there actually being another idea that has been running rampant  beneath the shadows of your perceived cognitive reality.

         You my old friend, my teacher of wisdom, my mentor, my comfort in conversation, you have been duped and you are too afraid to acknowledge facts of life  and reality because you know, you know time has changed all and you don't know how to deal. But I have an idea.

         There is still a war being fought, one so egregious and distasteful yet it goes unnoticed. It is masked by the narrative of a religious war, masked by the narrative of a false sense of security and belonging, masked by the narrative of divisiveness. We are all here. We are in one place. And if the magnitude of the grandeur of our place in this entire scheme we call the cosmos hasn't set in and caused you to second guess everything you have learned. Then you my friend are in for a lovely surprise. You can not stop it from happening. The war between the psyches will carry on to fruition. The war between the riff-raff and the opponents of self expression, the war between the psychologically fucked who have no idea where to turn to and the money hungry sociopaths who purposely manipulate reality to maintain a state of stagnation will continue onward. It is real. It is present.

        I understand your sacrifice. I understand that there were real threats in your time that the world came together on, in one accord, and conquered. So why can you not see that my generation sees the same thing in a new light. We demand freedom. But it is a freedom never imagined by your limited perceptions of reality. We demand freedom of mind. We demand freedom of expression. I demand the freedom to be who I feel I truly am at my core and I can not sit idle any longer. Maybe part of the problem is that I feel I am fighting on multiple fronts. I am tired. Tired of the same thing year in and year out. I am tired of the slow downward spiral of our once great society. I want change. I crave change. And I am fought at every step of the way. My generation begs for just an inch because with that inch we will explode into a million miles of freedom and expression in a way that no world in our known universe has ever leaped in a quantum way. We do cherish. We do love. We do care. What seems to be unfortunate for you my elders, is that we do these things far differently than you could possibly imagine with your limited way of thought. We care, so let us. We love deeply, so let us. Or, as time has always foretold, we will rise from the ashes of what lies in time's wake. And from the precipice of a new era, what you fought to maintain will once again be changed just like every preceding generation has done.

        What I'm trying to say is that I wish you would cultivate our loving visions of grandeur with us and stop fighting the change that is inevitable.

Most often when I sit to write, I find little insights that jump out at me. In doing so here I began to notice a pattern of projection in a way. Sometimes, to mask my own inadequacies, which are miss conceptions in my own rite,  I adopt a mental setting that everyone feels how I do. From here I use words like we, they, us. If I go back and change the words to fit with a more personal ownership of the message being given, then I notice that I am not so far removed from the action that I call for. I speak of being afraid, or being fought against. But what I truly deep down mean to say, is that I am afraid. I fight against myself. And once the turn from an external perception looks towards myself, I empower myself with the ability to attain what I innately seek. It most always comes down to excuses. Excuses that keep me in the same spot, never taking a step towards that one idea that plagues my mind every single day. Why? Simply put, I allow my rational mind to create a subjugating reason for an irrational feeling of intuition that stirs my soul. Or more simply and pertinently put, I do not accept myself for the being that I know I am. How ever I choose to look at it, the final result for me, is to stop ignoring those cravings of expression. I think differently than most. I see the world through a morphological lens. I am a purist and an extremist in my own rite. I am a visionary. I am a writer. I am a poet. I am mystically mystified. I am a healer. 
I seek to feel. I seek to express. And by this avenue I will tell my story. 


  1. So true. Though we once needed guidance into this world through our parents, older folks, etc perceptions, and experiences we are now old enough that we have developed our own ways through the adaptation which is still constantly be shared in the world only now we have the young minds of flexibility, and energy to drive the change that we need for the future.

    1. Most time is feels like they don't want to listen. Which I know there are people out there that do. I believe its just about finding my voice I guess.