Sunday, May 14, 2017

Joke of Insanity

Cautious. Your realm is unconscious to deviance. Still yourself and ask. For what insanity? For we are all insane, crazed by our own cravings of wretched foolery. It's a fools game that even wise men play. The only difference is, the wise man knows he is insane. Insanity runs through his bones like a distressed monster screaming for a foothold on a thread of light. To escape? To rid himself of his demons? Maybe life will be normal upon a new dreams wake...but is that not insanity as well. There is no escape. Ponder the thoughts of madness and soon beauty emerges, terrifyingly so. Its rage of splendor encapsulates the darkness like a mother would shield her child from the horrors of war. Fucking war, such a waste of usueful energy and resources. Insanity? But I am my darkness. I am the demon in disguise classping my cold but somehow passioned hand around your warm neck. I am the god of insanity, and my rage breathes fires of my heart. A fire of anguish that defys depth. A fire of passion for expression. Does the namless one really care for us heathens? Or are we playing a game agaisnt ourselves? I prefer the latter, for if it weren't for a game to play, I would think my self to be sane.

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