Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Code Red" (continued)

He had to do something he didn't want to do. But that does not mean he would not readily and willingly accept the outcome. Its the how to get it done he wasn't too keen on. Drinking his beer pondering the task at hand, and just like that he snapped himself out of it. No point in thinking about it right now. It was sure to happen so why not just go with it. Taking time to plan out the more important details of course.

He could feel it coming on. That feeling in his gut ever so slowly growing more and more intense. Leaving him with almost absolute emptiness. Not scared in anyway, just slightly paranoid about something going wrong.Which is a delusional thought, because it only leads to bigger and worse thought patterns. Which, you and only you are projecting outwardly constantly. So, it manifests. You must crucify this treacherous unproductive way of thinking at the source, before it gains strength. Its no way for a man to live. Bound by his fear of fear itself. A shallow, darkening, vortex pattern of thinking. That leads you to no where, but no satisfaction and death.

Today was preparation. He would be on the go for quite some time, and may have to kick it rugged for a couple weeks or so. Didn't know exactly what the future had in store but he figured he should be just a little extra prepared. Careful not to add too much, so as to keep the weight down.

It was going to be a cold trip. Time to say good by to sweet Dubai. He was going to miss this place. Not as much as Australia or New Zealand Mainly for the women, and can't forget surfing and some of the best snowboarding in the world. But, Dubai had other interests to offer. Which was good for a while but it was time to move on. See the world in a different light, and experience something he never could have imagined.

He was prepared though. For the past three months he had been preparing with a constant nudge in the back of his mind keeping him motivated to stay at the top of his game physically and mentally. It was time. Just one more stop before he would most likely be gone for a very long time. He had to say goodbye to someone. Driving through a small sand storm watching people act as though it were just another rainy day never ceased to amaze him. It would be done with before they ever arrived.

His driver Nicolai was his right hand man. Always there, wither you saw him or not. Watching, waiting for anyone to make a wrong move. He is good at his work. Its what he does. 

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