Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Code Red"

The moon light was falling, gently, so silently if you listened close enough you could hear the almost in-audible  rumble of a heart, preparing for an exertion of energy. This heart, so light with freedom of will and natural beauty, had a secret. Remarkably similar to a "little white lie", but far more serious in nature and much more cunning in it's ways of romance. Finding its way in, unnoticed by the damned.

He stood alone atop the pent house suite, in the heart of downtown Dubai. Gazing over miles of  dense white sand. Below him the city was illuminated like a carnival of stars, in the clearest blue pond. He stood tall, firm and very rigid, almost stoic in pose. Completely lost in a trippy world of thought. Normally about this time in the evening is when it begins. A hard day of work dealing with mundane banalities, which ironically enough is what affords him the life he lives. A gentle flic of his thumb to bring fire to life with the green lighter. A cherried ember at the end of his one hitter and a soft inhalation starts bringing him a soothing sensation across his chest. Relaxing more and more as the feeling crept through his bones. Then the head would get lighter and lighter as if to be more clairvoyant in a way. Sometimes choosing a thought, others they just come all of the sudden. But inevitably a winding vortex of incessant mind bantering leading to one of two things. A self revealed truth about himself he never knew, or; lacked the awareness to see, comes to light. Or secondly, nowhere. But in either case it always is amusing to him.

Such was tonight as he stood there tanning under the moon letting the crisp, night, desert wind wisp at his nips. Another hit would suffice. He was feeling adventurous tonight. Laying back on the hammock he abruptly found himself in an airport.

"What the hell am I doing here?" he wondered. Staring off blankly across the city. "Do I wanna do this? I'm pretty high, why not." And that was the answer she had been looking for. Waiting for that right moment to strike.

Sitting with a leg crossed, he wasn't really thinking about the flight or anything for that matter. When appeared in front of him a little girl. "Are you a spy?" came out abruptly.
 Oddest of questions  he thought. At first he almost strait up said no. But he caught himself. "You do realize that a spy can not tell you that right? So if you want to know if I'm a spy or not you  have to ask me a way that a spy can answer." Eloquently said with a mysterious smirk across his face. As he turned his head and acted as though no one were there.
 "The code word is blue." She whispered, hand cupped no where near her mouth, and also loud enough I'm sure the other spies heard.  "Hello good sir."
 It was a noble voice with an English accent that beckoned my attention. Upon turning my head and noticing the young lady in front of me, I made haste with the ascent to my feet. "And good evening madda'm. The stars shine so bright on this evening.

"Simply gorgeous" was the reply.

"What brings you to this side of the world ma lady?" Turning to face her.


The look on her face was blank. But stuck in what was assumed to be her English facial expression, which undoubtedly is what aloud her to speak as such. Staring strait through him waiting for a reply.
Fishing for something to say it came to him. Bending down closer to her ear so no one else could hear.  Clearing his throat and looking her square in the eye. He turned his head.

 "The code word is red."

 Immediately standing up strait, grabbing his bags, without so much as a glance back he walked away. Passing the assumed parents, he said just loud enough for them to hear.

 " The code word is red."

 And he walked off, trying desperately not to burst out laughing.

He felt himself rocking in the hammock. He needed this. He wasn't going to have too many more of these type of nights for a while. Tomorrow starts the big gig. The biggest one of his life, and if things go according to plan, the last of his life also. Time to hit the hay. He was going to need the rest.

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